Successful Pregnancy: How Women Increase Fertility Rate?

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Getting pregnant is one of the most challenging parts of women. Many say that a woman be called as is once she bears a child. Indeed, it is true. Nobody can bear a child, except a woman can. But, unluckily, not all women can bear a child due to health reasons. It might be due to a uterus or fertility problem. Thus, more couples who have difficulty bearing a child consult their doctors to ask for medical advice or anything that can help them have a baby.

Doctors would recommend taking medical remedies to successfully bear a child by taking fertility treatment malaysia.

What is fertility treatment?

The fertility treatment of IVF is when an egg is fertilized outside the woman’s body. Using fertility medicine encourages the ovaries to produce more eggs than usual. The eggs are removed from the ovaries and then fertilized with sperm in the lab. The fertilized egg or embryo is returned to the womb to grow and develop.

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Types of Fertility Treatment in IVF

Different types of fertility treatments are acquired by dreaming women today to become a mother. Here are the three types of IVF fertility treatments, namely:

  • Natural cycle IVF. The natural cycle of IVF uses no fertility drugs. An egg will be released from the normal monthly cycle taken and mixed with sperm. The IVF treatment is done normally. When the ovaries are not being stimulated, you can have another try sooner than standard IVF. In this fertility treatment, there is less percentage of getting multiple pregnancies like twins or triplets than the standard IVF.
  • Mild stimulation IVF. You can receive lower doses of fertility drugs in a shorter time than with standard IVF. It reduces your treatment time by about two weeks and means you are prevented from many unpleasant side effects from drugs. Although some health risks from mild stimulation IVF that is less common and less serious than with the standard IVF.
  • In Vitro maturation. Normally in IVF, you will be given a hormone to help eggs mature before they are removed and fertilized. In IVM, the eggs are removed while they are immature and allowed to mature in the laboratory. Meaning, you don’t need to take any hormones. You can have IVF if you have intracytoplasmic sperm injection, a fertility treatment used where male infertility factor. IVM is a new technique in very few births from the IVM compared with the other IVF treatment types.

With these fertility treatments, women who fail to bear a child for a long time end up here.

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